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Bee pitch

This pitch is presented for entertainment purposes only. No offer is being made to, or solicited from, bees.

Good evening and howdy! Welcome to Insect Demo Day. My name is Bee, founder and CEO of all bees.

Meet Bee. She is not enough bees.

Bee is not alone. Many bees is not enough.

Our solution is add more bees.

Let’s see how that works. Here is more bees. Bees!

[Thousands and thousands of bees fly into the demo day auditorium]

If we capture just 1% of the bees, that is lots of bees.

We is raising a Series Bees.

We hope you’ll join us in world where bees are everywhere.

Thank you very much. [A tiny wave] Good evening.

[Walks off to the sound of the Beatles]

Is you bees?

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Writer: of code, fiction, and strategy. Trying to work for social good.

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