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  • lola odelola

    lola odelola

    @blackgirltech’s mum, published poet, coder, wanderer, wonderer & anti-cheesecake activist.

  • ʞooH ɯlǝsu∀

    ʞooH ɯlǝsu∀

    SFO Hacker Dad Artist Canuck @mozilla formerly at @parcinc @meedan @makerlab

  • The Atlantic

    The Atlantic

    Syndicated stories from The Atlantic

  • Laura Jedeed

    Laura Jedeed

    Writer, videographer, journalist with opinions. Come, let us walk into the apocalypse together. She/Hers. I’m on Twitter: @LauraJedeed

  • Jay Graber

    Jay Graber

    Developer, writer. Decentralization, social networks, privacy, crypto.

  • Coby Lefkowitz

    Coby Lefkowitz

    Urbanist, Developer & Writer working to create more sustainable, equitable and people-oriented places.

  • Hussman Faculty

    Hussman Faculty

    Faculty members of UNC's Hussman School of Journalism and Media

  • Chuck Groom

    Chuck Groom

    Consulting CTO open to projects. I’m a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, and leader at early- and mid-stage companies. https://www.chuckgroom.com

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