I don’t know what to think. On one hand, Medium’s article format seemed like a strength. On the other hand, I suspect being able to share short pieces solves blank page syndrome for a lot of people. The effect feels a little bit like you’re passing around memos.

Medium’s design is always beautiful. It’s a shame you can’t post with only an image: the new stream would be great for editorial cartoons (although there’s a danger it would be overrun with memes and infographics).

The onus is now on creating a strong network. Previously, people were writing here because they felt they would get more audience, and because the interface was so good. I’m not sure if the motivations are quite the same for short content.

A network it will be. Most importantly, then: will the years of lead time on seeding high quality content prevent Medium from devolving into shouting matches and repasted marketing content? Let’s see …

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