I’m a plantster. I don’t want to be. I want to be perfectly planned, suavely swinging into wordslinging action with a beautifully-structured plot that I’ve agonized over for months. But as soon as words hit screen, things start to bubble up from under the surface — things I didn’t expect to turn up.

Last time I participated in NaNoWriMo, I had a serious plot in mind: a journey of emotional discovery, engaging in serious debate about what success is and the sacrifices we make in the name of building the life we think we want.

And then a dragon turned up.

I don’t know why it materialized. It just did, right at the tail end of my first chapter. Then it began to slowly take over, until I was writing something completely different, satirizing the world I found myself working in. What does happen when dragons start materializing in Silicon Valley? It’s such a silly idea on the face of it, but it became a way to talk about so much.

This time I’m still deciding between a few ideas. Some are more ambitious than others. I’m not sure which I’ll pick — but what I’m certain of is that the end result will be something I wasn’t expecting.

Writer: of code, fiction, and strategy. Trying to work for social good.

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