What if we drew lines around the world? What if those lines were made of messages of hope, forgiveness, positive energy?

Plot virtual ropes around the circumference of the earth. Then let people take photographs of art and messages along those ropes, geocoded to the location they were taken. (There would need to be a site or app to let you know you were along a line — guide rails. But so everyone was covered, perhaps anyone could start a new rope?) Upload them to a site; literally circle the world with good things.

Or, hey, maybe the art could be physical artifacts, actually left at the locations like a geocache. (But I kind of like the virtual idea better: you keep the physicality, but by making the photograph super-ephemeral and saving it virtually, you also make it more permanent.)

Anyway. It’s not the meme you’re looking for, but you got me thinking. Thank you.

Writer: of code, fiction, and strategy. Trying to work for social good.

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